April 3 Art Hop is still on(line)

The monthly downtown Kalamazoo community art show Art Hop will still be held next Friday despite measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 that prevent people from gathering in groups and businesses from turning into pop-up galleries.

“Next Friday’s Art Hop, scheduled for 5 – 8 pm on April 3, will be entirely virtual,” the Arts Council of Greater Kalamazoo said in a statement. Artists of many mediums – from painters to musicians, dancers and photographers – are asked to contact the council to participate. 

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“Staff will be participating in the discussion and helping to keep conversations moving and positive,” the Arts Council said in the statement. “In addition to helping our artists and member organizations promote their virtual events and keep track of all of the canceled/postponed events, we are also making an effort to bring some of our events to the community, virtually.”

The Arts Council will still support grants for artists via four virtual grant workshops during April, which help artists and organizations apply for funding.

“We were thrilled we could make them virtual rather than cancel the workshops,” the Arts Council said.