Bike Week in Kalamazoo features virtual, solo events

There will be no group bike rides during the pandemic.

The ninth annual Kalamazoo Area Bike Week is a go, though its events will be different from what was originally planned.

Many events had to be cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Others have been modified to allow them to go on virtually or in small groups.

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Notably, there will be a Ride of Silence Wednesday at 6:15pm to commemorate cyclists who have been killed while biking on public roadways. Riders are encouraged to ride silently and alone or in small family groups.

The Kalamazoo Bike Club has also posted 13 trails throughout Kalamazoo County. Called “The Lucky 13 KBC Solo Rides,” riders are encouraged to share their ride stories online for a chance at prizes.

You can see the full slate of events here.

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