Grocery store guidelines to continue through end of May

The governor extended requirements that include wearing facemasks in stores and pharmacies.

You will have to wear a mask any time you buy groceries for a little while longer.

That comes after Governor Gretchen Whitmer on Saturday extended requirements for grocery stores and pharmacies through May 30.

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The order also requires grocery stores and pharmacies to allocate at least two hours per week of shopping time for vulnerable populations including the elderly.

The order also requires that stores notify employees of any positive COVID-19 tests among their ranks and provides temporary relief from licensing requirements for food sellers and pharmacies.

Other rules covered in the extension are:

  • Require checkout employees to wear facemasks.
  • Ensure both employees and customers stay at least six feet apart.
  • Close self-serve food stations and eliminate free samples and tasting stations.
  • Adopt procedures to meet federal environmental cleaning guidelines, including continuously cleaning and disinfecting shopping carts and shopping baskets.
  • Prohibit employees who are sick from reporting to work and send employees home if they display COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Accommodate employees who fall within a vulnerable population by providing lower-exposure work assignments or giving them the option to take an unpaid leave of absence.
  • Develop and implement a daily screening program for all staff.

You can read the full Executive Order here.

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