Kalamazoo coffee shop selling local goods, spreading local support

Fido Motors has set up a clearing house for locally-made products as well as donations to local organizations.

Have you been wondering where to get your stroopwafels since the pandemic began? How about cold brew coffee?

Fido Motors in Kalamazoo is helping to connect shoppers with local artisans who would otherwise have no way to sell their goods.

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The cafe is accepting orders via their website. Orders placed by 10am Tuesday can be delivered or picked up at their shop on Fulford Street Wednesdays between 2 and 6pm.

Fido is selling its own coffee and tea, obviously. But it is also acting as a storefront for a variety of other businesses including Confections with Convictions, Ray’s Polish Fire hot sauce, and Victorian Bakery.

“From the day we moved to Kalamazoo it has been a community of caring and concern for others,” reads a statement on Fido’s website. “We have decided to offer a service that will keep our small business going for the time being and also help support other small businesses and families in a way that we all need.”

You can view Fido’s storefront here.

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