Some churches are reopening despite stay-at-home orders

Some in-person church services resumed on Sunday after prompting from the president.

This past Sunday was a return to service for some Kalamazoo area churches. That comes just a few days after President Donald Trump encouraged churches to reopen despite stay-at-home orders in some states.

Kalamazoo’s 12th Street Baptist Church was one of the religious institutions forging ahead, according to a report on WWMT.

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“We thought if businesses can go and have people in their building together, then we could meet as long as we safely distance,” said Thaddeus Stout, pastor at 12th Street Baptist.

Not all houses of worship are quite ready to restart.

The Catholic Diocese of Kalamazoo sent out a notice stating its in-person services would start on May 27 with precautions.

Meanwhile, the Michigan United Methodist Church is looking for state and federal guidance before resuming in-person services.

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