Who’s enforcing mask wearing?

With retailers beginning to reopen, rules say staff and customers must wear face masks. Are those rules being enforced?

Retailers in Michigan began to reopen Tuesday with some local shops being among the first to allow customers back into their stores.

State orders are that all staff and customers must wear protective face masks, but those orders have no teeth. State officials have said there will be no criminal penalties for people who fail to wear face masks.

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That’s led to a patchwork of people and businesses across the state with varying amounts of compliance, according to an article in Bridge Magazine.

“Most retailers I know want their customers to wear face masks,” said Meegan Holland, a spokesperson for the Michigan Retailers Association. But, she said, without police enforcement, stores have few options when customers don’t.

The end result is that stores may request that customers wear face masks, but customers aren’t all complying.

You can read the full story here.

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