As gyms fight to reopen, a Norwegian study suggests it could be safe

The governor is appealing a federal judge's ruling that gyms should be allowed to reopen. One study indicates they may be safe to do so.

Last week saw a lot of legal action for gym and fitness center owners in Michigan. First, a federal judge said gyms could reopen, rejecting Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s argument that they need to stay closed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Then another court said gyms should stay closed while the governor appeals.

At the same time, a study was released showing that reopening gyms might be able to be handled safely and with minimal COVID-19 infections.

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The study followed nearly 1,900 members at five gyms in the city of Oslo over the course of two weeks. At the end of the study only one person had contracted COVID-19, and that infection had happened outside the gym.

Gym members were required to wash hands and keep their distance from other members. Notably, they were not required to wear masks, but were asked to avoid touching their faces.

Gym staff were also tested with no positive test results.

Dr. Tina Kinsley, president of the League of Independent Fitness Facilities and Trainers, told Bridge Magazine that the study reinforces their position in the dispute over reopening gyms in Michigan.

“It suggests that gyms are not the Petri dish for infection that the governor has stated,” she said.

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