Bottle returns to reopen June 15

Only stores with bottle returns in front or in a separate area and that have automated machinery will reopen.

The Michigan Department of Treasury announced Monday that some can and bottle returns must reopen June 15.

The reopening order applies only to stores that have a return area at the front of their building or in a separate section of the store with automated return machinery.

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The rules are meant to get recyclables back into circulation while also limiting person-to-person contact.

Stores that may fear an onslaught of bottles and cans can institute some limits, according to treasury guidelines.

Stores can limit the hours return areas are open, limit the number of machines accepting bottle and cans, and limit returns to $25 per person per day if needed.

Stores are also being asked to limit their own returns to 140% of what would have been normal for April or May of 2019.

You can read the full notice here.

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