Coronavirus may impact repairing Michigan roads

Lower tax revenue could lead to a steep decline in the upkeep of Michigan's roads, highways, and bridges.

If more potholes go unfilled, you can thank the coronavirus.

The amount of traffic dropped by as much as 60% during the state shutdown, according to an article on MLive. That’s led to a similarly steep decline in the fuel taxes the state collects to fund such things as road repairs.

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“At a time when Michigan was already struggling to fund road repairs after decades of under-investment in infrastructure, this will present more challenges,” said Michigan Department of Transportation Communications Director Jeff Cranson.

At the moment, the Department of Treasury’s Office of Revenue and Tax Analysis is estimating that Michigan could see an 8.5% drop in transportation revenue this fiscal year.

Cranson said that the state will be able to complete projects slated for this year, but the funding gap could have a negative impact in 2021.

You can read the full story here.

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