Demand for COVID-19 testing increasing

Following large-scale events in Michigan, more people are looking to get tested for the coronavirus.

Family Health Center (FHC) is seeing a spike in people looking to be tested for the coronavirus.

“We continue to offer it at both of our locations,” said FHC President Denise Crawford in an interview with WWMT. “But just when we thought we were slowing down, we saw that spike.”

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The likely cause of the spike is both the loosening of restrictions by the governor and large gatherings recently in southwest Michigan, according to Crawford.

Add to that the recent protests over police brutality and holidays like Memorial Day and people have good reason to be concerned about COVID-19 infections.

FHC has been holding mass testing events since mid-April. The most recent was Thursday, but anybody can be prescreened for upcoming testing events.

If you think you have symptoms of coronavirus, you can register for testing by calling (269) 488-0804.

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