Experts cautious about reopening plans

Stay-at-home orders ended Monday, but health experts are wary of a possible resurgence of COVID-19.

Coronavirus infections are lower than they’ve been in months. Businesses are starting to reopen and it’s beginning to feel a little like life in Michigan is returning to normal. But health experts are cautious.

“I think there’s too many unknowns,” said Dr. Joel Fishbain, an infectious disease specialist for Beaumont Health, according to an article on MLive. “But I believe most of us are very nervous and are just going to watch it very closely.

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Experts still don’t know much about COVID-19, and a vaccine is a long way off. For now, Fishbain and other health experts say it’s a matter of assessing risk and taking proper precautions.

Wearing a face mask is important, as is determining whether an activity is worth the risk of possible infection.

Many health experts worry that there could be a resurgence of infections following recent widespread protests over police brutality. They also worry about people heading up north for vacations.

They say they will be following the numbers and hoping that COVID-19 doesn’t spread well in warm weather.

You can read the full story here.

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