Judge says Michigan gyms can reopen Thursday

A federal judge has ruled that the governor failed to show scientific reasoning for requiring gyms to remain closed.

Gym and fitness centers across Michigan can reopen Thursday.

That’s after a federal judge ruled that Governor Gretchen Whitmer had failed to show adequate scientific reasoning behind her order to keep them closed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whitmer plans to appeal the Friday ruling by U.S. Circuit Court Judge Paul Maloney.

A spokesperson for the governor said that gyms are riskier than most other businesses because of their “heavy respiratory activity, shared indoor spaces, and shared surfaces,” according to an article in Bridge Magazine.

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“Counsel could not articulate a reason beyond the bare assertion that gyms are dangerous,” Malone wrote. “This Court fully recognizes that the bar is extremely low, but it is not that low. Defendants cannot rely on the categorization of gyms as ‘dangerous,’ without a single supporting fact, to uphold their continued closure.”

You can read the full story here.

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