Kalamazoo County at “low risk” for COVID-19

State data shows that Kalamazoo County has moved into the "low risk" category for coronavirus infections.

The most recent data in Kalamazoo County shows that COVID-19 positive test rates are low enough to move the county into the “low risk” category in Michigan.

Low risk is defined as 3% or fewer COVID-19 tests coming back positive. Kalamazoo County has a positive test rate of just 1.9%.

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At its highest, Kalamazoo County was seeing 14.5% of COVID-19 tests coming back positive, according to an article on MLive. That was on April 20, and at the time the county was considered medium-high risk.

As of Friday, Kalamazoo County has had 925 confirmed cases of COVID-19 with 63 deaths. The current 7-day rolling average is 2.7 new cases per day.

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