Restaurant reopening going well, say Kalamazoo officials

County health officials says restaurants and bars are largely following the rules of reopening, which could be keeping us safe.

It’s been three weeks since bars and restaurants were allowed to reopen with 50% capacity in Michigan and things seem to be going well.

That’s the word from Kalamazoo County Public Health Officer Jim Rutherford who is one of the people managing the county’s coronavirus response, according to an interview with WWMT.

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“I think they’ve really stepped up to the plate and done a phenomenal job in terms of preparing for and executing their reopening plans,” he said, referring to the bars and restaurants in Kalamazoo County that are currently open for business.

Still, the reopening isn’t without its cost. There has been a slight uptick in the number of COVID-19 cases in Kalamazoo County since reopening began.

“We’ve had a couple of days of some elevated numbers. Nothing significant. It’s really kind of what you would expect as we reopen more of these businesses,” said Rutherford.

It’s worrisome after more than 70 people tested positive for the coronavirus after visiting one bar in East Lansing.

Rutherford says Kalamazoo’s bars and restaurants seem to be following safety precautions, which could keep coronavirus cases from surging locally.

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