How to deal with maskless customers

Michigan alcohol organziation offers training on handling customers who won't follow the rules.

Dealing with customers who refuse to wear a mask is difficult. It can be even harder if they’ve also been drinking.

That’s why the Michigan Licensed Beverage Association (MLBA) is offering its members online training in dealing with those types of situations.

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The MLBA said its members have reported incidents since Governor Gretchen Whitmer made wearing face masks mandatory June 10.

“We have heard from several bar owners who are experiencing issues with customers not wearing masks,” reads the message. “Sometimes these situations get heated and staff members don’t know how to react.”

The class aims to teach de-escalation techniques to prevent an uncomfortable situation from getting out of hand.

“We’re giving them the tools on how to listen,” said MLBA Executive Director Scott Ellis in an interview with WWMT. “Then how to remain calm, not take it personal, and get through the situation.”

The class is free for MLBA members.

You can read more here.

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