Michigan hospitals suffering from COVID-19 fallout

Hospitals, the front-line of the coronavirus fight, are now fighting for the money to stay afloat.

Despite saving thousands of lives as COVID-19 ravaged Michigan, the state’s hospitals are suffering. From cancelling non-essential procedures to having to ramp up the purchasing of protective equipment, many hospitals are now struggling to keep the doors open.

Treating COVID-19 patients has not been a profitable endeavor, according to an article on MLive.

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“No matter whether you’ve had thousands of cases of COVID come through your doors or just a few, the financial hit has been significant,” said Ruthanne Sudderth, senior vice president for the Michigan Health and Hospital Association (MHA).

Federal aid is helping, but most of the money promised in several bills passed by Congress have yet to come through for most hospitals. Only $72 billion of the $175 billion allocated has been distributed to hospitals nationally.

Meanwhile, the MHA estimates that as of May Michigan’s hospitals were losing $300 million each week.

Even though hospitals have returned to performing elective procedures, COVID’s effect is ongoing. People are still fearful of entering hospitals and even emergency room visits are lower than usual.

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