New coronavirus test can detect virus in 45 minutes

Developed at a Michigan hospital, the new test uses blood, saliva, or urine instead of nose swabs.

A new coronavirus testing method developed by doctors at Metro Detroit’s Beaumont Health could dramatically reduce the time it takes to get results and do away with uncomfortable nose swabs.

The new test uses blood, saliva, urine, or mouth swabs and can give results in 45 minutes, according to an article on MLive.

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Researchers Dr. Laura Lamb and Dr. Michael Chancellor developed the new test based on a technique they established three years ago for tracking the Zika virus.

“This is a rapid test that does not require expensive machinery to run and the materials for it are relatively inexpensive. The more options we have for testing, the better,” Lamb said.

Most current testing requires expensive machines and can take several hours plus travel time to run.

The new test “could be used for screening at the point of risk – such as nursing homes, long-term care facilities, cruise ships, naval ships, within the school and prison systems, and by large employers, for example, at an Amazon warehouse or meatpacking plant.” Lamb said.

You can read the full story here.

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