Who’s enforcing the mask? This site will show you

Crowdsourced mask map shows where people are using face masks and where they're not.

The People’s Food Co-op is all masked up. So is Monelli’s Italian Grill and Sports Bar in Portage. But Sam’s Club? It’s a mixed bag.

Those are according to user reports on, a site where people track which businesses are enforcing mask wearing and which aren’t.

The site has only existed for a few weeks, but already there are several dozen reports in the greater Kalamazoo area.

TheMaskMap is national in scope, but it was born in Orange County, California. In a post on Reddit, the creator said his home state is beset by the same problems of mask non-usage as Michigan.

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“This is why I created TheMaskMap,” reads the post. “It is all about knowing who is enforcing so we can vote with our dollars.”

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