Confused about COVID rules? New webpage explains

A new state webpage explains the different regions of the state and what is allowed where during the pandemic.

The state of Michigan has been getting a lot of questions since the COVID-19 pandemic first forced restrictions in March. Can I go to work? What about parks? Where do I have to wear a mask.

It’s confusing, especially with different parts of the state under different levels of restriction.

That’s why the state launched a new webpage to outline exactly what’s allowed, where, and what special rules are in place.

State health officials separate the state into eight distinct regions. The page lists different classifications of activities and which region of the state restrictions on those activities apply to.

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For example, childcare services are allowed throughout the state, but face masks are required in regions 1 through 5 and 7, while they are only recommended in regions 6 and 8.

You can visit the webpage here.

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