Feds approve new unemployment money for Michigan

The extra $300 a week for people out of work due to COVID may still take weeks to show up and may not last very long.

Federal officials have approved Michigan’s request for an additional $300 per week for unemployed people in the state.

State officials requested the assistance last week. President Donald Trump used an executive order to reallocate the money from emergency relief funds.

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State officials think as many as 910,000 Michiganders may qualify for the funds, which would augment the state’s own maximum $362 per week benefit and replaces a $600 per week federal benefit that expired in July.

But it’s not a done deal yet.

The state’s unemployment agency needs to reprogram its system to administer the benefits and hasn’t said how long that would take, according to an article in Bridge Magazine.

In addition, there is no indication how long this benefit could last. Federal officials have said the money will be available until December 27 or until the $44 billion fund runs out.

However, the Trump administration is only guaranteeing three weeks worth of funding.

You can read the full story here.

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