WMU football, other sports cancelled for the fall

The Mid-America Conference, of which WMU is a part, has cancelled all football games for the fall.

Western Michigan University will not participate in any football games this fall. That’s because the conference WMU is a part of has decided to postpone all sporting events for the rest of this year.

The Mid-America Conference (MAC) coordinates sporting events for 12 schools in five states. It announced Saturday that it was postponing football competitions as well as those for cross country, field hockey, soccer, and volleyball.

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WMU Director of Athletics, Kathy Beauregard, lamented the decision, but said she understands and supports it.

“Competition does not allow the same social distancing and mask wearing that we can utilize in the classroom, residence halls or other places on campus,” she said in a statement on the WMU athletics website. “Our state’s health and medical experts have continued to present us with information that postponement of fall competitions was the safe path forward.”

Not everyone is so sanguine about the decision. Businesses around Waldo Stadium regret the loss of business that will result from the lack of football crowds.

“Game days are always huge for us,” Chase Hall, manager of the University Roadhouse across the street from the stadium, said in an interview with MLive. “Those are some of our busiest days. It definitely stinks for us and bringing kids in and things like that.”

MAC officials said they anticipate getting back to normal in the spring, but there is no timeline so far.

You can read the full news release from WMU here.

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