Governor orders masks for high school athletes – even while playing

The new rule applies to football, soccer, and volleyball - any sport where athletes can't maintain a six-foot distance from other players.

Just a week into the newly-restarted high school sports season, Governor Gretchen Whitmer issued an executive order Wednesday that will require many athletes to wear face coverings even while playing.

The new order requires face masks for high school athletes who can’t reasonably maintain a six foot distance from other players. That applies to football, soccer, and volleyball. Swimming is specifically exempted, but other sports – such as golf, cross country, and tennis – would be able to keep space between players.

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“The COVID-19 virus is easily spread through airborne particles and can affect everyone differently,” said Whitmer in a press release. “By wearing a face covering when proper distancing is not possible, athletes will be better protected from contracting the virus and spreading it.”

Chris Abid is the athletic director for Hackett Catholic Prep in Kalamazoo. He told WWMT that the new rules make sense.

“There’s a concern with our athletes going full speed and wearing masks but we’re willing to comply,” he said.

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