High school marching bands return, but without sports

Attendance restrictions mean most marching bands won't be able to perform during sporting events, but the show must go on.

High school marching bands will keep playing even though, thanks to COVID-19, there isn’t much for them to do.

High school sports has resumed after Governor Gretchen Whitmer gave them the go-ahead earlier this month. However, the number of people who can attend high school football games is restricted, which means marching bands may not be able to play during games.

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The Michigan Competing Band Association has cancelled its 2020 competition, which means one less venue for bands to perform in.

But many marching bands are marching onward anyway, according to an article on MLive.

“As long as schools have marching bands, they are willing to perform,” said Ben Rosier, the band director for Vicksburg High School.

He’s hoping to hold a marching band competition on October 17, though the school is still working out the logistics. He said there are still a handful of competitive events planned on the west side of Michigan for bands that want to – and feel safe – performing.

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