COVID-19 Justice

Michigan lessening racial disparities in COVID

Once affecting Black Michiganders at an outsize rate, COVID-19 infections and deaths are now more even.

It’s a silver lining amid a grim scenario: Michigan is managing to cut the rate at which Black Michiganders are affected by the coronavirus.

Early in the pandemic, Black people made up 29% of the COVID-19 infections in Michigan and more than 40% of the deaths. That’s despite representing about 14% of the population of the state.

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Over the past two weeks, Black Michiganders accounted for just 8.2% of infections and 9.9% of deaths.

Michigan Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist told CNN the reduction was a hopeful sign.

“The truth is, that old management axiom applies: What gets measured gets managed,” he said. “And the fact that we prioritized tracking these disparities from day one, is why we’ve been able to now show this progress.”

You can read more on MLive.

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