Second round of federal unemployment money incoming

A second round of $900 payments to Michigan's unemployed workers will likely be the last unless Congress approves more money.

About 778,000 unemployed Michiganders received an extra $900 in their bank accounts over the past dozen days thanks to a $300 per week payment ordered by President Donald Trump.

Those surviving on unemployment insurance can expect a second round of payments in the coming days, but that will likely be the last.

The first round of payments covered unemployment claims from the first three weeks of August. The second will cover the following three weeks.

The money comes from an executive order by the president, rather than from an allocation by Congress. In this case, the funding is reallocated from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and is expected to run out soon.

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Meanwhile, officials with the Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) estimate that 910,000 unemployed residents haven’t received any of the money because they haven’t filled out a form that would qualify them. That form can be found on the UIA’s website.

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