See partying college students? Report them

WMU officials encourage students to report violations of COVID safety rules.

A normal September in Kalamazoo would see Western Michigan University students swarming a front lawn on West Michigan Avenue or crowded into a living room in the Vine Neighborhood. This year is different and such gatherings are now considered a breach of the school’s Student Code of Conduct.

That doesn’t mean there are no student parties. WMU officials are encouraging people to report these gatherings – and other violations of the Student Code of Conduct – and are even allowing for anonymous reporting.

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Parties fall under the “Harm to persons” section of the document. “Hosting, organizing, and/or attending any gathering, on or off campus” is a violation and can result in consequences including suspension.

People can report violations by emailing a description of the violation along with any supporting evidence to [email protected].

Nicole Allbee is the director of the Office of Student Conduct. She told the Western Herald that a person reporting an incident can request to have their name redacted from reports. She says it is important to include the reporting person’s name so she can follow up.

“When we are able to talk with the reporting party to gather further information it assists us in the student conduct process,” she said.

Staff from the Office of Student Conduct will investigate and determine if a punishment is warranted.

“Historically, violations which put someone’s health, safety, or learning at risk result in higher levels of sanctioning,” said Allbee.

You can read the full story at the Western Herald.

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