Unemployed Michiganders to receive $900 payments within 10 days

The money comes from the president's August order allocating $300 per week to those out of work during the pandemic.

Approximately 910,000 out-of-work Michiganders will begin receiving payments of $900 within the next ten days. That’s in addition to whatever they regularly receive from the state’s unemployment system.

The money comes from an August executive order by President Donald Trump allocating $300 per week for people unemployed due to the pandemic. The order followed the expiration of $600-per-week payments passed by Congress in the CARES Act.

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Michigan’s Unemployment Insurance Agency is processing the new unemployment money in three-week batches. The money is is backdated to the beginning of August. One more batch could come later, but that requires re-approval from the federal government.

You can read more on MLive.

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