10/25/20: Michigan breaks record for new infections in a single day

As infection rates surge across the state, Kalamazoo numbers decline slightly. WMU rates are almost under control.

State health officials announced a staggering number of new COVID-19 infections on Saturday – 3,338. That eclipses every single-day total of new infections since the pandemic began. The state also reported 1,826 new infections on Friday. The seven day moving average is now 1,876 new cases per day.

The state also reported 18 new deaths related to the coronavirus on Friday and 35 deaths on Saturday with 27 of the latter deaths coming as a result of a review of previous vital records.

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Kalamazoo County’s new infection rate dipped slightly on Friday. County health officials reported 29 new infections bringing the average down to 66 new cases per day.

Western Michigan University’s infection totals are continuing to decline after spiking significantly during the beginning of the fall semester. In numbers reported Friday but covering the first three days of last week, the university reported a total of 29 new cases of COVID-19. WMU is averaging about 11 new cases per day, down from 20 just two weeks ago. As of October 22, WMU’s positivity rate was averaging 5.3%.

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