Five Kalamazoo County schools report COVID infections

Ten people in five different school districts reported COVID-19 infections leading to cancelled classes and quarantined sports teams.

Five different school districts in Kalamazoo County have reported at least one COVID-19 infection in the past week. All have responded by instituting COVID response plans required by the governor in order to reopen.

Five people at Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools tested positive last week leading to it being identified as an outbreak in state reporting on Monday.

One person tested positive for the virus at Schoolcraft Community Schools on Sunday. The infected person, who is not being identified, was somehow tied to the middle school volleyball teams. As a result members of those teams have been asked to quarantine.

Portage Public Schools reported two COVID-19 infections. Neither infected person is a student. Nonetheless, two classes have moved to virtual learning as a precaution.

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A student at Vicksburg Middle School tested positive for the coronavirus. The district has instituted contact tracing and has asked those in close contact with the student to quarantine.

Mattawan Consolidated Schools found out Monday that a high school student tested positive for the coronavirus over the weekend. The district has contacted staff and students who had contact with the infected person to ask them to quarantine.

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