More than 5,000 infected in Michigan school outbreaks

The latest outbreak data shows 70 K-12 schools and 29 colleges are experiencing outbreaks of COVID-19. That includes four schools in Kalamazoo County.

COVID-19 outbreaks are continuing to plague Michigan schools, colleges, and universities, according to the latest outbreak data from the state.

There are 70 K-12 schools and 29 colleges and universities where outbreaks have started or are ongoing as of last week. 5,267 students and staff are infected with the coronavirus.

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Four of those schools are in Kalamazoo County.

Eight people have now been infected at Galesburg-Augusta Community Schools where an outbreak was reported last week.

Two staffmembers have contracted the virus at Cooper Elementary School. Part of the Plainwell Community Schools, Cooper Elementary is in Kalamazoo County.

Kalamazoo College is experiencing a new outbreak of the virus despite holding all its classes online. Twenty-one staff and students have contracted the virus.

Western Michigan University is dealing with an ongoing outbreak that has infected 655 staff and students so far. Despite that, infection rates at the university have begun to slow down in the past week.

You can read more at Michigan Radio.

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