11/9/20: State reports more than 9,000 new COVID cases on Sunday and Monday

State reports 62 new deaths. Michigan hospitalizations and positivity rates continue to rise. Kalamazoo County numbers rising ever higher.

Michigan: State health officials reported 9,010 new cases of COVID-19 on Monday. Those cases come from both Sunday and Monday bringing the state’s seven day moving average to a new high of 4,559 new cases per day.

The state also reported 62 new deaths from the coronavirus over the two day period. The state is averaging more than 40 deaths per day, which is a more than 200% increase from a month prior.

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Kalamazoo County: County health officials report similarly dire numbers. The county reported 406 new cases of COVID-19 covering Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. The county is experiencing an average of almost 129 new cases per day.

Kalamazoo County also reported one new death from the coronavirus on Sunday or Monday. The county has an average two coronavirus deaths per day.

Hospitalizations: As of Monday, 2,815 people were being cared for in Michigan hospitals for COVID-19. That included 544 people in an ICU. Kalamazoo’s Bronson Methodist Hospital reported it had 47 COVID-19 patients on Monday. That’s a high number that brings the hospital closer to capacity, but it’s a decrease from the 50 patients the hospital was caring for on Friday.

Positivity Rates: There were more than 47,000 COVID-19 tests conducted on Sunday in Michigan. Of those, 11.73% came back positive. The state’s average positivity rate continues to climb, breaking 10% for the first time in months on Sunday.

Kalamazoo County’s positivity rate is also spiking. On Sunday, the county reported a positivity rate of 15.21% putting the county at high risk of coronavirus transmission. The county’s average positivity rate was 13.45% on Sunday.

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