Bronson hospital has record number of COVID patients

The Kalamazoo hospital had 37 COVID patients Monday, more than ever before.

Kalamazoo’s Bronson Methodist Hospital has reached the highest number of COVID-19 patients it has ever seen. As of Monday, the hospital was treating 37 people with COVID-19 infections.

The number of coronavirus patients has been increasing over the past month, but it began creeping toward record territory in just the past couple weeks, according to an article on MLive.

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On October 20, Bronson was treating 18 people with COVID-19 symptoms. That’s similar to the hospital’s average numbers in May. The number has doubled since then.

According to data from the state, Bronson’s four hospitals were treating 81 COVID-19 patients as of Monday, putting the their medical facilities at 77% capacity.

Kalamazoo’s other hospital, Ascension Borgess, doesn’t publicly release data about its coronavirus patients. The medical system, which runs at least 20 hospitals in Michigan, was treating 244 COVID-19 patients on Monday and was at 82% capacity.

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