Kalamazoo’s new Civil Rights Board gets its first members

City commissioners appointed the board's inaugural members Monday night. The board is one part of the city's recently-passed Fair Housing Ordinance.

Kalamazoo city commissioners on Monday night appointed the first members of the city’s new Civil Rights Board. Seven people will make up the board, which is tasked with reviewing complaints of discrimination in the city.

The Civil Rights Board was initiated by the city’s Fair Housing Ordinance, which was passed in September.

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The new members of the board are DeShawn Houston, Dr. Angie Graham Williams, Jessica Glynn, Marissa Harrington, Gabriela De La Cruz, Jacob Beach, and Janeen Brown. Their term lengths are staggerred so only two or three new members are appointed each year beginning in 2022.

The board will hear complaints of discrimination in the city and offer recommendations to the city commission and city manager on how to address those complaints. The board will also issue an annual report on anti-discrimination efforts in the city.

You can read more on MLive.

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