Portage students could return to the classroom next year

District leaders approved a plan to resume face-to-face classes if COVID conditions improve.

Portage Public Schools leaders are looking ahead to next year’s classes and predicting students may be able to return to the classroom.

Currently, all students are attending classes virtually after the superintendent shut down in-person classes following new state COVID-19 orders.

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At a Monday night meeting, Portage’s Board of Education voted to update the district’s Return to Learn Preparedness Plan to include the option to resume in-person classes. However, that decision would be based on a number of different criteria.

First would be COVID-19 data. If infection rates continue to rise or remain high, the district may decide to continue with virtual classes.

Another consideration would be family input. Parents will be able to choose between online school or an in-person option that includes face-to-face classes Mondays through Thursdays with an asynchronous work day on Fridays. If few parents select that option, the district could stay online.

Finally, staffing concerns will play a big role in any return to the classroom. Many school districts are wrestling with finding enough teachers, substitutes, and support staff to keep in-person schools running.

The district is planning a series of town halls to allow parents to ask questions about the options. Those are scheduled for next week.

You can read more on WWMT.

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