State police don’t plan to issue tickets for most COVID violations

Despite rules limiting gatherings, police expect there will be many violations during the Thanksgiving holiday.

State leaders have called on residents to keep their Thanksgiving celebrations minimal and safe. But that hasn’t stopped thousands of people from plowing forward with plans for elaborate dinners with dozens of friends and family.

Despite the likelihood of many violations of state COVID-19 restrictions, state police say they will not be issuing many citations. Instead, they intend to take a more voluntary and educational approach to enforcing the state’s rules.

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“It’s difficult right now because people want to see family members. It’s been a very hard time going through COVID,” said Michigan State Police Lieutenant Liz Rich in an interview with 12 News in Flint.

Restrictions ordered by the state’s Department of Health and Human Services last week limit private gatherings to no more than ten people from no more than two households. The possible consequence of breaking those rules are fines and jail time.

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