State reporting COVID test turnaround times

New state dashboard reports the average amount of time different labs can report COVID test results.

It takes an average of a little under three days to get the results of a COVID-19 test in Michigan. That’s according to a new reporting dashboard on the State of Michigan’s website.

The new reporting portal estimates turnaround times on average for testing facilities throughout the state based on reports from the previous two weeks. Testing sites are rated individually as well as by type: Commercial, Hospital, or Public Health.

Hospital-based testing is the quickest to issue a result, averaging a 2.07-day turnaround according to data reported November 17. Commercial labs take the longest with a 3.31-day turnaround.

Bronson Methodist Hospital is the only testing site in Kalamazoo County that is currently reported on the state’s dashboard. They conducted more than 11,000 tests between November 3 and 17 and returned results in less than one day.

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