12 lawmakers and 37 staff have gotten COVID

State legislative leaders have released infection numbers for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic.

State legislative leaders have revealed that at least 12 lawmakers and 37 staffers have contracted the coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic. Previously, leaders had refused calls from news outlets to release infection numbers.

Background: The state legislature, especially the state House of Representatives, is facing increased scrutiny after an employee complained to state authorities about the House’s COVID-related safety measures.

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The House also cancelled hearings for most of this week after the president’s lawyer, Rudy Giulliani, testified to a House committee last week shortly before testing positive for COVID-19.

What it means: Eight state Representatives and 21 state House staffers have admitted to testing positive for the virus since March. In the state Senate, three lawmakers and 16 staffers have contracted COVID-19.

In all, about 8% of state lawmakers have tested positive for the coronavirus. That’s almost double the 4.4% infection rate of the general population in Michigan. Republican leaders in both chambers have resisted calls from Democrats to require face masks or move to virtual meetings as the coronavirus surges throughout the state.

You can read more on Bridge Michigan.

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