Governor still hasn’t signed COVID stimulus

$465M in support for workers and businesses was passed by state lawmakers last week. The governor says she is still reviewing it.

On December 22 state lawmakers passed a bill that would send much needed financial relief to people suffering during the coronavirus pandemic. A full week later, Governor Gretchen Whitmer has yet to sign the bill, which allocates $465 million to a range of support priorities.

A spokesperson for the governor said her office is still reviewing the bills before she gives them her approval.

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Ironically, Whitmer has been pushing the legislature to pass some form of COVID stimulus for over a month. She also publicly criticized President Donald Trump for not immediately signing federal stimulus legislation. Trump finally signed those bills on Sunday.

Tiffany Brown, a spokesperson for the governor, told MLive that the state’s stimulus bills weren’t fully negotiated with the governor’s office before they were passed.

“Because of that, our team is going through a careful legal and policy review,” she said. “This is a standard procedure for bills that haven’t been negotiated.”

The state’s stimulus would fund everything from the unemployment system to grants for live entertainment venues closed during the pandemic.

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