Lawmakers move to block COVID orders

Republican leaders want to obstruct the governor's COVID rules while they're on break. A move under consideration would allow them to.

Republican leaders of the state’s House and Senate are working on a plan to block the governor’s ability to issue statewide restrictions meant to slow the spread of COVID-19.

State Senators approved Concurrent Resolution 36 on Wednesday. If approved by the State House, it would allow them to form a committee – made up of four Republicans and two Democrats – that could reject any pandemic orders issued while the legislature is on break.

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Why it Matters: The state Department of Health and Human Services issued orders last month that effectively closed many bars and restaurants in the state, among other things. After a 12-day extension, those orders are set to expire on Sunday.

COVID-19 infection numbers and hospitalizations have declined since the orders went into effect, but not to a level experts would like to see. Health officials could extend COVID-19 restrictions again, and many speculate that could happen on Friday.

If Republican lawmakers have their way, a temporary committee could slap down any COVID-19 restrictions until the legislature goes back into session in January.

You can read more on MLive.

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