State health department: Mask Up, Mask Right

The state has launched a campaign aimed at getting people to use masks correctly.

It’s a problem that has persisted throughout the pandemic: Some people just don’t know the proper way to wear a face mask.

Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) is hoping to correction some people’s practices with a new social media campaign called Mask Up, Mask Right.

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The state advises people to only use three-layer cloth masks, three-layer medical masks, or KN95 masks. That means no bandanas, face shields, or work masks with vents.

In addition, the state recommends masks be worn tightly without gaps around the face.

And absolutely no wearing a mask around your mouth without covering your nose.

Studies have conclusively shown that when worn properly, mask usage prevents the spread of COVID-19 and contributes to lower death counts in areas that enforce them.

MDHHS is also helping to get masks to people who don’t have them. There are distribution sites throughout the state that will give masks to those who need them. There are two sites in Kalamazoo County: The Family Health Center on West Paterson and the Kalamazoo County Health and Community Services Department on East Alcott Street.

You can read more about the Mask Up, Mask Right campaign here.

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