Governor calls on schools to reopen in March

The governor said students are falling behind due to virtual learning and urged schools to return to in-person classes.

Virtual schooling has been a catastrophe for many students in Michigan. Lack of supplies, lack of individual attention, and even a lack of a good, quiet place to learn has caused students to fall behind where they would be during a normal school year.

That’s why Governor Gretchen Whitmer on Friday urged school districts to return to in-person classes beginning March 1.

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What She Said: During a press conference on Friday, Whitmer said schools can effectively resume in-person education using what we’ve learned over the past ten months to ensure safety from COVID-19.

“The value of in-person learning for our kids is immeasurable, and we must do everything we can to help them get a great education safely,” she said.

While encouraging a return to the classroom, Whitmer said it isn’t an order and local districts will still have the final say over whether they follow her guidance or continue with virtual classes.

What It Means: Many districts have already restarted in-person classes. Portage Public Schools is moving back to the classroom in phases. Elementary students went back to class last week, while middle and high school students are learning remotely until later this month.

Kalamazoo Public Schools operates on a trimester system and will be conducting classes entirely remotely until at least March 15.

The governor outlined safety precautions schools should take to keep students and staff safe. That includes keeping desks six feet apart and requiring all students and personnel to wear masks at most times.

You can read more on Bridge Michigan.

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