Grants for laid-off workers sees more applicants than expected

90K people applied for state grants meant to help people tossed out of work because of shutdown orders. But that may mean less money for everyone.

A program to provide one-time grants for restaurant workers and others laid off during the most recent period of shutdown orders has drawn far more applicants than expected. And that could mean less money for people out of work.

What Happened: Earlier this month, state officials unveiled Employee Assistance Grants – a plan to distribute $45 million to people in Michigan who had lost their jobs as a result of a partial shutdown that forced many restaurants and other businesses to close.

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The window for applications ended on Monday, at which time approximately 90,000 people had applied. That was far more applications than had been expected by the Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association – the group tapped to administer the grants.

Originally, each applicant was meant to be eligible for up to $1,650. That amount is now in question due to the sheer volume of interested parties. The MRLA said they will distribute the money evenly among everyone approved in their process.

Assuming every application is approved, which is unlikely, that would amount to $500 apiece.

The MRLA expects to email every applicant by February 26 to inform them if they’ve been approved or denied.

You can read more on MLive.

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