Kalamazoo not ready for next phase of vaccinations

Kalamazoo County health officials say they don't have enough supply of the vaccines to open up to new patient groups yet.

State health officials announced on Wednesday that they would begin opening up vaccinations to essential frontline workers, teachers, and those over 64 years of age. Unfortunately, Kalamazoo health officials said they aren’t ready for that yet.

Kalamazoo County doesn’t have enough supply of the vaccines to move to the next phase of distribution, according the the Department of Health and Community Services (KDHCS).

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“Vaccination is dependent on vaccine supply received from the State. Shipment of vaccine supply has been limited. Vaccine supply will largely be the determining factor for when Kalamazoo County can move into the next phase,” said a press release from KDHCS.

What It Means: Kalamazoo County will be limiting the administration of the vaccine to people in Phase 1A for at least the next couple of weeks. Phase 1A includes frontline health care workers, and staff and residents of long-term care facilities such as nursing homes.

As of Wednesday, 11 facilities throughout Kalamazoo County had received more than 20,000 doses of the vaccine. However, those have gone to hospitals and other health care facilities as well as KDHCS.

KDHCS said it has received 1,950 doses of vaccine and that it has given out the bulk of them.

Nonetheless, the county is preparing for Phase 1B by making a signup form available on its website.

You can read more on WOOD TV 8.

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