Some restaurant owners wary of state’s “MI COVID-19 Safer Dining” program

The voluntary program is meant to assuage the fears of diners, but restaurant owners aren't sure if it's worth it.

With restaurants slated to reopen for indoor dining next Monday, restaurant owners face a challenge of confidence. They need to assure diners that it is safe to enter their establishments while also encouraging as many people as possible to come out to eat.

One way of doing that is by joining the state’s new “MI COVID-19 Safer Dining” program. The voluntary program requires restaurants to meet certain safety requirements, including a certification of air flow systems within the restaurant. In return, restaurants get to display signs showing the state endorses their business.

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But some restaurant owners are wary of the situation, saying that renovating HVAC systems may not be worth the investment.

Marie Blinn, co-owner of Olde Peninsula Brewpub & Restaurant in downtown Kalamazoo, said she is interested in the program, but waiting for more details.

“We’re on a webpage with others who seem to be a little gun shy about jumping on it, because it seems to be an investment and we don’t really know whether it works or not,” she said in an interview with WWMT.

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