Study: Holiday COVID restrictions saved lives

U of M researchers estimate that the state's November COVID "pause" saved 2,800 lives and 100K new infections.

Many people have been frustrated by statewide restrictions on certain activities and businesses since they were enacted in November. But Michigan researchers have determined the actions likely saved thousands of lives.

What Happened: Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced restrictions more than two months ago. They included a ban on indoor dining, restrictions on in-person classes, and limits on social gatherings.

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Many people, especially restaurant owners, have been angry about the restrictions, which resulted in thousands of lost jobs.

Researchers at the University of Michigan School of Public Health said the restrictions achieved their goals.

“Our modeling suggests that the state‚Äôs social distancing measures, although challenging for Michiganders, prevented illness and deaths, providing some relief to our already stretched health care system,” said associate professor Marisa Eisenberg in a press release.

The study estimates that the partial shutdown prevented more than 100,000 new coronavirus infections between November 15 and January 8 and saved 2,800 lives.

You can read more on Michigan Advance.

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