Thousands are rejecting COVID vaccine

Health care workers are the first to receive the new COVID vaccines, but many are opting out.

Vaccines to protect people from COVID-19 are expected to be a life saver, helping to bring us out of the global pandemic that has killed hundreds of thousands over the past ten months. But not everyone is on board.

Surprisingly, thousands of Michigan health care workers are opting out of receiving the vaccines that were given emergency use authorization by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Due to the limited supply of vaccines, frontline medical workers are among the only people eligible to be inoculated. According to a report on Bridge Michigan, many of those people have declined to take the vaccine, leading to a low rate of vaccination in the state.

Michigan has one of the lowest rates of vaccination in the country so far. Data from the CDC shows the state ranks 44th in terms of the percentage of the population that has received their first doses so far. Both current vaccines require two doses to be effective.

Bridge Michigan reports that 38% of first responders in Wayne County have declined to be vaccinated. In Ingham County, it’s a third.

There’s no indication of why some medical workers are hesitant to be vaccinated, but there are many conflicting messages circulating about the medications. The vaccines are the most quickly developed ones in history, and though both went through months of testing with thousands of volunteers, some people are hesitant to be first in line for the new treatment.

You can read the full story on Bridge Michigan.

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