Vaccine manufacturing provides boost to Kalamazoo

Once identified as suffering from "brain drain," Kalamazoo is getting a lift from its newfound vaccine fame.

The coronavirus pandemic has been rotten for the economy – in the U.S. and Kalamazoo. But there might be a silver lining for our region. Kalamazoo County has become a hub for vaccine manufacturing due to the presence of Pfizer facilities in Portage.

Kalamazoo has suffered from something called “brain drain,” according to Bloomberg’s private “Brain Drain Index.” Due to shifting business trends, the region has seen educated – and potentially high-earning – adults leaving the area for greener pastures elsewhere.

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An article on Bloomberg states that trend could be reversing thanks to vaccine manufacturing. Pfizer, in partnership with German-based BioNTech, is ramping up to deliver as many as 200 million doses of its first-of-its-kind COVID-19 vaccine by mid-summer.

You can read the full article here.

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