WMU sets up drive-thru COVID testing as students return to campus

The university aims to limit spread of the virus to avoid an ongoing outbreak like happened in the fall.

Students will begin returning to Western Michigan University this weekend, and the school hopes many of them will get tested for COVID-19 right off the bat.

WMU is planning a drive-through testing event this Friday and next Tuesday through Thursday in the hopes of containing the spread of the virus as students return to campus.

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“It’s a chance to start afresh and make sure everybody’s on the same page with safety and awareness,” said Joe VanDerBos, interim patient experience director at Sindecuse Health Center.

The testing events will be open by appointment only from 8:15 am to noon each day. Interested students, staff, and faculty can sign up here.

WMU made similar efforts to control the spread of the coronavirus during the fall semester. Nonetheless, several outbreaks erupted over the course of the semester, resulting in more an 1,200 infections.

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