County half way through vaccinating teachers

More than half the teachers in Kalamazoo County who want to be vaccinated have received at least one dose.

Kalamazoo County is nearly halfway through vaccinating all its teachers. Officials for the county’s Department of Health and Community Services (KDHCS) told MLive that they believe about 53% of the teachers interested in being vaccinated have received at least one dose so far.

What Happened: By the end of the week, more than 2,700 teachers will have been inoculated against COVID-19. After vaccination appointments next week, KDHCS expects they will have reached two-thirds of interested educators in the county.

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County officials have made a major push to get teachers vaccinated as districts move back to in-person instruction. They’ve focused especially on teachers who are already back in the classroom.

Just two Kalamazoo County districts have not returned to in-person classes: Kalamazoo Public Schools and Comstock Public Schools. Comstock plans to reopen classrooms February 22, while KPS will announce Thursday evening whether it will follow suit.

You can read more on MLive.

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