Governor announces high school sports can resume

Conceding to pressure from politicians and parents, state health officials announced high school sports can restart next week.

All high school sports will be allowed to resume in Michigan beginning February 8.

Most contact sports have been on pause since the state health department issued COVID restrictions in November. Sports such as basketball, wrestling, and ice hockey were deemed too risky during the fall surge of the coronavirus.

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State leaders had not lifted the ban on those sports even as they removed restrictions on other activities such as indoor dining.

There will still be rules meant to keep participants safe:

  • Players must wear masks during practice and, if possible, during competitions.
  • If masks can’t be worn safely, players must be tested for COVID-19 regularly.
  • Spectators will be limited to two people per player with other limits based on the size of the venue.

Governor Gretchen Whitmer had resisted calls to restart contact sports, but finally conceded after intense pressure from parent groups and other politicians.

You can read more on Bridge Michigan.

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